Timings, reporting procedures about violence incident and encouragement to report WPV among Health care workers


  • Hassan Hameed Ex House Officer, Nishtar Medical College, Multan
  • Rafiq Ahmed Shahid Associate Professor, Pathology, Sharif Medical and Dental College Lahore
  • Ejaz Rahim Assistant Professor ENT, CMH Multan Institute of Medical Sciences, Multan
  • Asma Abdul Qadeer Associate Professor of Dept of Community Medicine, Rawal Institute of Health Sciences, Islamabad
  • Rabia Mahmood Assistant Professor Dept of Community Medicine, Federal Medical College Islamabad
  • Sara Bashir Kant Assistant Professor Dept of Community Medicine, Azad Jammu and Kashmir medical college, Muzaffarabad
  • Mudassar Mushtaq Jawad Abbasi Assistant Professor, Health Services Academy, Islamabad


Objective:  To evaluate timings, reporting procedures and encouragement to report workplace violence events among HCW’s of Multan

Methodology: Using a World Health Organization (WHO) tool, a cross-sectional study was carried out at emergency department of hospital in Multan. Quantitative data on various aspects of the workplace violence (WPV) amongst 164-universally-sampled healthcare workers was collected.

Results: There were 164 healthcare workers; 97 of them were men and 67 were women. 98 (60%) reported violence at some point in their employment. Almost half of the participants (44.5%) most frequently worked with children < 10 years, whereas 13.4% treat elder patients. Talking about worriedness about violence in current workplace, 22.6% subjects were very worried in comparison to 56% little bit worried. One third subjects in this study reported that physical violence incident happened during the morning shift and 1st day of week. All HCW’s said that there are procedures for reporting of violence at their workplace, they know how to use them & there is an encouragement to report WPV as well. 92.7% & 2.4% partakers said that encouragement was from colleague & management / employer respectively

Conclusion: Mostly, violence was reported at 1st working day of the week and there were reporting procedures and an encouragement to report those events as well. Local, state, and federal initiatives are required to modify policies in future to address workplace violence in the healthcare sector.

Keywords: Encouragement, Healthcare workers, physical violence, reporting, work-place violence





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