Perception of Oral Health Related Quality of Life Among Pregnant Women Attending Fatima Jinnah Hospital, Multan


  • Fariha Farooq Demonstrator, Community Dentistry, Multan Medical & Dental College
  • Attiyah Sartaj House officer, Bakhtawar Amin Dental College, Multan
  • Ahsan Ullah Assistant Professor, School of Dentistry, SZABMU Islamabad
  • Arsalan Hyder Assistant Executive Director, Polyclinic Hospital, Islamabad
  • Faizan Qureshi Demonstrator, Operative Dentistry Department, SOD Islamabad
  • Basil Khalid Associate Professor, Oral Pathology, Multan Medical and Dental College Multan
  • Muhammad Athar Project Assistant, Indus Hospital and health Network Islamabad



Dental Health, Caries, Periodontitis, Quality of Life, Pregnancy, Gingival Bleeding


Objective: To assess oral hygiene of pregnant females and its impact on daily life.  

Methodology: This was cross-sectional survey in which 415 interviews were done to check the oral and dental health and its association with quality of life in women during pregnancy. in public sector Fatima Jinnah hospital of Multan. Assessment was done using Oral Health Impact Profile Questionnaire (OHIP-14). Each individual was clinically assessed on DMFT and CPITN index. Data was collected by dental surgeons and then entered and analyzed, using SPSS version 21. Results were displayed in tables and graphs by Percentages and frequencies. A Chi square test is applied to determine possible association between variables, with a p value of 0.05 considered as significant.

Results: 15.2% of pregnant women had 1 and 2 (DMFT) score respectively. Highest DMFT score observed in the study was 8.0, among 14.9% of total sample population. Women of age between 18-26years were most common (47.7%). Majority, 247 (59.5%) participants had a DMFT score of 4 or above which indicates poor oral hygiene.  Almost 55.2% respondents do not feel relax while 74.7% participants were occasionally feeling pain while eating due to problem with their teeth or mouth. Chi-Square test revealed statistically significant association of OHIP-14 score with DMFT (p-value 0.000)

Conclusion: The results of study suggests that poor oral health has negative impact on quality of life during pregnancy.






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